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Dec2Frac converts decimal values into fractions while allowing the user to decide how precise the conversion should be. Handy for converting measurements in the kitchen, workshop, garage, science lab, and more.

Not only does it convert decimals to fractions, it reduces the fractions using the Euclidean algorithm. It also returns whether the fraction result is smaller, equal to, or greater than the decimal entered. Very handy to know if selecting drill bits.

For example, you need to decide what size drill bit to use for a wooden dowel. Your calipers measure the dowel to be .6424". Your drill index is based on 1/16" drill bits. This calculator returns the value of 5/8" and tells you that the result is smaller than your decimal. This means that a 5/8" drill bit is the closest fit, but you might need to go up one size since the result was smaller than your decimal measurement. You decide you want to be more accurate, so you pick up a drill bit set that is indexed by 1/32". Using a precision value of 1/32", the calculator returns the value of 21/32" and also tells you that the result is larger than than decimal measurement. So choosing a 21/32" drill bit will give you the closest size to your dowel and is slightly larger than your measurement so the fit should be just right.

As a learning tool, students can explore the complexities of converting decimals to fractions while introducing them to the concept of precision.

Includes an Apple Watch App with option to enter decimal from keypad on watch or by dictation.

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Apple Watch app included!